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See you in the fall! 

Hello all, Many of you might be wondering, “Whatever happened to that teachers group that Bill and Michael were trying to get going?” Well... glad you asked. We were very pleased with our first meeting: stimulating and provocative discussion, adventurous participants, thoughtful and creative ideas... what wasn't there to like? Though we immediately began to …

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Proposed Guidelines 

WHO’S ON DECK? For each session, we hope that a couple (2) of colleagues will forge ahead and sustain the momentum we generated in our first get together. We heartily encourage people to share their pedagogical work-in-progress, warts and all. So, who will it be? Please get in touch with us at so we …

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First session: Bloomingdale School, 2013.03.02 

1. Discussion/Introduction: What brought you here today? Each person spoke about his or her background and how it was shaping his/her hopes and expectations for the day’s teaching and learning exchange. 2. A proposed format: some ideas about how we may proceed Share our work as teaching artists and performing artists Conduct a form of research …

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