See you in the fall!

| June 12, 2013

Hello all,

Many of you might be wondering, “Whatever happened to that teachers group that Bill and Michael were trying to get going?”

Well… glad you asked. We were very pleased with our first meeting: stimulating and provocative discussion, adventurous participants, thoughtful and creative ideas… what wasn’t there to like?

Though we immediately began to plan for the next meeting, the demands of the season caught up with us, and we were not able to pull it together. The good news is that we have been offered the support of the Bloomingdale School of Music for future meetings, and so we are planning to reconvene in the fall.

We hope all those who attended our first meeting will join us again, and we hope to expand our group as well. So – stay tuned, enjoy your summer, and we will meet again, as the song goes…


Michael and Bill